Human Design Blueprint 

Your Unique Energetic Signature

Black Friday Special

Explore the many attributes that make you, YOU.


Your personalized blueprint comes printed, bound and mailed directly to you. Your book not only provides you with your chart, it highlights information about your





Incarnation Cross

Lead Energies

plus a discount code for 1:1 readings


Offer Available Wednesday November 25,2020-November 28th 2020

Creating each book begins with the calculation of your date of birth, time of birth and birth location.

Each book is fully customized for you.
Your detailed Blueprint provides you with the details of your talents, skills and potential.
It can help you understand how you were designed to engage with the world.
It will guide you in discovering  how to improve the energy in your life, in a simple yet immensely effective way.
Make the correct moment to moment decisions and even manage the challenges that are a part of your daily life without getting overwhelmed. 


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Created by Dawn Sinclair 2018

Photo Credit Dawn Sinclair & Welcome Arms Photography