Anchor In & Radiate Out

An expansive, in depth journey that combines Human Design, the Gene Keys and Personalized 1:1 Coaching.



4 month Exploration, Implementation & Transformation

Living in alignment with who you've come to BE is not about seeking for the answers in a place somewhere 'out there'.  Since your time of birth you have had access to all you need. However based on circumstance, upbringing and social conditioning most of us loose sight of much of this wisdom.
For years I have studied and submerged myself in Soul Realization and believe whole heartedly that through awareness, understanding and embodiment of this knowledge we can all experience a life beyond what we are told is possible. 
 Sure, it's fun to discover the knowledge within your Human Design and Gene Keys  but I am passionate about going deeper.  The real magic begins when you begin to live your design; as you start to integrate and embody your new understanding into your current life. 
This is not a cookie cutter program, each session will be a personalized in depth journey to ensure you receive what YOU need.
Our primary focus will be the 4 Keys of your Activation Sequence.
Your Activation Sequence shows you how to unlock your highest genius by embracing your deepest challenges. Exploring key elements of your Activation Sequence - the Spheres, Pathways and line keynotes, showing you how to apply their insights practically to your everyday life. 
The themes of the first 4 Spheres are Your Life's Work' Your Evolution' Your Radiance and Your Purpose.
As your spiritual wing woman I will be by your side as you begin to experience these incredible shifts. You will  uncover, explore and understand many insights as you begin bridging these new discoveries in a tangible and practical way.​

Connect your spiritual, physical and mental selves; anchoring in so you can radiate out!


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The Gene Keys are a grand synthesis of practical wisdom designed to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential. Like a precious treasure map, they invite you on a journey of self discovery to find the true higher purpose of your life. They are a living wisdom. They are profound and far-reaching. Its purpose is to unlock the great reservoir of genius that lies inside you and bring you into a deep state of harmony with every aspect of your life.

These revelations are teachings to contemplate and apply in your daily life. As you allow them to percolate inside you, each key one by one  you will find yourself inhabiting a new and brighter life.

Human Design is a system to help us live in more alignment with how our natural energy works.  A synthesis of ancient modalities, the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu  chakra system, and quantum physics to describe our unique energy, how you interact with the world, your unique gifts and how to live with least resistance and optimal flow. 

I have never met a single person who has said they feel like the ' fit in'...THESE SYSTEMS EXPLAIN THE WHY!

What to expect

Bi Weekly, 90 minute 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Continued support between sessions ( Voxer, Messenger and Email )

A fully customized program designed to best serve and support you and your unique needs. 

Intuitive insight and card readings

Supportive materials delivered to your inbox which may include contemplations, prompts, practices, readings and meditations

A deeper connection to yourself and others

Countless Breakthroughs and Lots of Fun!

Lifetime access to video replays

Strengthen your inner knowing and intuition.
Gain a solid understanding of how you are designed to interact with the world.
Learn how to best manage your energy, uncover your unique blueprint for living a life where you meet least resistance, flow and optimal return of satisfaction and fulfillment.


Register by November 19th to receive introductory pricing 


I have spent the last 10 years, after leaving my Teaching career exploring many modalities, completing a variety programs, exploring multiple avenues and tools. After a few years, I discovered the Gene Keys and Human Design  my life suddenly became clear and I gained a new level of understanding.   

I had somehow stumbled upon two modalities that gave me the puzzle pieces I didn't know I needed; pieces that my soul had been hoping to find. As I began to implement my new understanding and integrate it into my life I experienced immediate beneficial shifts.

 I am honored to be able to provide you with this program that is designed with these key elements to support you NOW.