Path of Illumination

Go Beyond knowing your Design- Begin Living It

Soul Centred Living

Do you feel it?

The Gentle nudge from just below the Surface. Beneath the doubt and years of conditioning; waiting patiently for the moment of awareness. The moment you hear the calling to live the life your soul has been waiting for.

The Path of Illumination will support you as you transition from the person you have spent so long thinking you SHOULD be to who you truly ARE.

Your experience begins with a detailed review of your unique energetic imprint through Human Design; a complex system of differentiation that helps you to understand the unique beauty and power of who you really are. 

You will receive information and tangible strategies that you require in order to leverage your unique energy type resulting in less overwhelm and a lot more flow and ease. To be living joyfully and intentionally as your soul has always intended.

Within this supportive space you will learn to integrate and embody your individual truth and begin to live in alignment with the path you've always known you were meant to be walking. 

Your Path of Illumination

"Let Your Soul Breathe and your Authentic Self Shine"


Session 1
Ignite - Discovering your Human Design
            Includes completing your Energy Blueprint + your 90 minute Session
During your 90min session we will discuss your type, definition, strategy, centers, profile, authority, cross of incarnation, non-self theme and how you can apply all of this powerful knowledge and awareness into your current life. 
Following your session you will receive your customized digital blueprint 
Sessions are intuitively guided and unique to each individual.
Session 2
Illuminate- Investigating your personal gates and Channels
​A 90 min session-deep dive into your personal gates and channels. The Flavors of your personality.
There are 64 potential gates within your graph corresponding to the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching.  There is a wealth of meaning and knowledge that we uncover as we dig deeper.
Following your second Session you will receive your additional information of your gates and channels 
               Your Supportive Space
        6 Month Group Mentoring Program
Discover how to embody and embrace a life  your soul desires among a supportive group of woman who are also ready to begin living a successfully aligned life. You don't have to walk this path alone. As members will bring their unique gifts and strengths ultimately creating the ideal setting for maximized spiritual growth. I will lead monthly group coaching sessions and offer continued support through our online community. I can't predict all of the magic that will manifest; but I can tell you that I am dedicated to showing up with my spirit team and allowing for the alchemy to unfold.  
This is a space to allow your vulnerabilities to become strengths, for your uniqueness to become your inner power and for your authentic Self to shine.   
It's time.
.Group Mentoring
.Oracle Readings
.Intuitive Guidance
.An exclusive online community
.Access to a variety of resources from my "spiritual tool kit"
so much more
This is your playground of grounded spirituality

Your energy is currency. Spend it well. Invest wisely.

Choose the structure that's best for you

a) Human Design Sessions and The Group Mentoring Program 

b) Human Design Session, The Group Mentoring Program and the add on of  2  90 min. 1:1  Private Coaching Sessions  

(Private 1:1 sessions can be booked when you are in need of extra support within the 6 month period)

Have you already had your first 2 Human Design Sessions with me? 


Simply choose your add on.

c) Group Mentoring Program 

d) Group Program  +  90 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions




Our Group begins August 2020
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Created by Dawn Sinclair 2018

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