Author/Illustrator Readings + 

A full day at your School visiting up to 5 groups

What's included? A reading of  Self, a mindful based discussion, question and answer period and an activity created specifically for each grade level that fosters self growth.  


Individual Class visits include the same as listed above.    

                                                                     45 min-1 hour


Skype and Zoom

Visiting your classroom from afar. 


please contact 902-478-8383 or for arranging a time.

Equal Essence Sessions for your School

As a team myself and Bahia will empower your students on a self discovery and self acceptance journey titled Connecting to your Inner Strength, Self for Secondary School.

Please contact us for details


Equal Essence was formed through a passion to share life-affirming material in hopes of inspiring and instilling a strong connection to one's Self. We believe self-realization is vital to overall health and happiness. 

Staff Professional Development

When the adult in the classroom is connected, the classroom climate changes too. 

The ultimate goal is not to introduce the approach of Self connectedness as a strategy based intervention , but instead to change the overall climate , tone and quality of interaction so that it is more conducive to the health and wholeness of teacher and student alike.

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Created by Dawn Sinclair 2018

Photo Credit Dawn Sinclair & Welcome Arms Photography