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Outer Alignment

Revel Staging and Design

Professional Decorating and Home Staging
Revel (Rev-uhl) - To take great pleasure or delight : to revel in luxury

A passion for creativity and the simple enjoyment of making beautiful spaces fostered the development of Revel Staging and Design. Revel Staging and Design is a multi faceted Staging and Decorating company focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking for minor updating advice, making over your home or getting ready to sell, let me take the stress away and ensure your needs are met. 

Creating Spaces For You

Whether you are starting from the very beginning or looking to update a space in your home I work closely with each client, ensuring I create a space that is just right for you. From colour advise to complete makeovers.  

Creating spaces for you is exactly that; it's  about YOU. I help your Outer Space reflect your Inner Spaces.

Our initial consultation will determine your needs and wishes. Each job will be completed with the same level of professionalism and high quality of service.

Does your home feel soulful and restful?
Does it add to your quality of life or detract from it?
Does your space nurture WHO you are and HOW you want to live?

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Begin with a consultation.

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Creating Spaces That Sell
                                         Home Staging

Client Consultation

A consultation will require a 1-2hour walk through inside and out, top to bottom.

I will provide you with an unbias professional report highlighting areas of the home that may need attention or require slight changes in order to get you the fastest sale possible. We will discuss decluttering, furniture placement, lighting and any repairs or upgrades.

This report will be left with the home owner detailing each recommendation.

The homeowner may choose to complete the tasks on their own or hire Revel Staging and Design to return to the home to complete the staging process.

Discover the incredible difference staging makes!


Statistics prove that homes that are properly staged will sell 2-3 times faster and for up to 10% more money than homes that have not been staged by a professional.

Partnering with Realtors

In a competitive market Staging will set your property apart from the rest.


   I will work as a third party for an agent, conveying to the homeowner all of the necessary requirements to get the home sold for the ideal asking price in a timely fashion. This helps to eliminate any awkward conversations between the seller and their agent. Revel always ensures professionalism and tactfulness.

   Presentation Matters! A home that shows well sells well. Staging a property increases interest during open houses as well as providing a set stage for beautiful photos which is a successful marketing tool. Attractive online photos attract more potential buyers, in turn increasing chance for multiple offers.

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New Construction


From Faucets to Flooring

Are you looking for assistance pulling your overall look together?  Before you even begin your project let's create a professionally designed plan that is cohesive at the structural level before we bring in the decorative component.

Hiring a professional not only takes away the stress of second guessing yourself it keeps you on task in a timely manner.  

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