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"Pinch me, this is my life! I help to transform and illuminate the lives of others
for a living and you can too."

If you want to help others remember who they've come to be and reclaim their power through the insights of Human Design you've come to the right place. 
This educational mentorship program has been carefully created to ensure that you feel confident moving forward as a Human Design practitioner.


This is an immersive Human Design reader training that will provide you with all the tools and education you need to deeply understand your own design, start providing accurate readings for others and even start your own Human Design business!

During our time together we will construct a solid foundation as we dive into the wisdom found within the various components of the Human Design Bodygraph. 

Following this training you will be ready to start offering guidance and helping others reconnect and remember who they've come to be. 

Chances are, if you're here  you know first-hand how impactful Human Design truly is. Either in the way it has been in your own life, or in the lives of so many others. Now you're ready to expand your capabilities of translating the language of HD for yourself and or share this wealth of knowledge with others.

Get the education and support you need to start your own professional Human Design journey 

What Makes This Training So Impactful?

Live Teachings and regular interaction.


This is not a course where you will receive pre recorded facts for you to interpret and implement on your own. This is an interactive Training Program designed to support you through to your success.

I will be teaching the wisdom of the system, providing mentorship and sharing my own experience as a Human Design Coach and Entrepreneur.

This program is not intended for you to become a cookie cutter version of me and my approach. You have been gifted with your own style and attributes that will make your delivery uniquely yours!

The reader training has not been designed to be a self paced program; however you will have access to the recorded LIVE sessions and resource materials so you may reference them at any time. 

Direct access to and implementation of training material

Lifetime Access to Reference Materials and all videos

Live Q&A sessions where you will obtain personal support.

A BONUS 1:1 session focusing on your personal strengths or area of your life you wish to bring focus. 

Build your Knowledge, Skills & Confidence as an Embodied Human Design Reader

Learn to confidently give mind-blowing Human Design Readings that leave others feeling seen and validated for who they truly are.

Feel aligned with effectively communicating, sharing and developing your own unique voice in the industry. 

Create life-long connections with others who are in the group and potentially gain mentorship and support on each step of your  journey.

Gain a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills in an organized, engaging and interactive way.

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​In Foundations, Level One You Will Learn:

  • Origin- A brief history on the science and various modalities and transmission behind the system of Human Design

  • How to translate the language of energy that is found in the Human Design Chart. How to read and understand your chart + the charts of other people.

  • Live integrative teachings of the foundational pillars / main components of a Human Design Bodygraph. We will meet for in-depth explorations of  each aspect and application of Human Design and other mentoring/coaching/energetic practices that I use personally in my own sessions, giving you direct examples and useable tools to take into your own practice.​

    • The Five Energy Types

    • Strategy

    • Authority

    • Profiles

    • Definition

    • Centers

    • The Incarnation Cross

    • An introduction to the Gates and Channels

  • Tying it all together 

  • How to prepare and organize for a reading

  • Practice readings & instruction.

  • How Human Design can be used as a transformational and enriching tool to add to our daily life.

  • The foundation for a lifetime of knowledge you need to share this incredible liberation with others.

This training program will change the way you perceive and utilize Human Design.

What's Inside?    

  • Weekly Live Teachings (22 hours of content

  • Support  Materials & Training Resources for each module to help you solidify your understanding of HD concepts.

  • Live Q&A sessions where I will answer your questions and get the support you need to confidently embrace this new chapter of your life. 

  • BONUS 1:1 coaching call with just you and me, where we will focus on your personal strengths found in your own chart that will support you in  whichever area of your life you are wishing for support; whether it be moving forward in your own HD business or your personal life. 

  • Access to all Video Replays


Working Together

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I can honestly say that understanding, implementing and sharing the Human Design system has changed my life.

It may sound extreme but it's no exaggeration. It has allowed me to make sense of life, come into alignment and place the many unanswered puzzle pieces of my world into a clear cohesion. 

I'm passionate about helping to bring this wisdom to the world in a variety of conscious and holistic ways. Founding my own Human Design School and providing a carefully designed training program for you to  spread this wisdom in your own way is natural and feels fully aligned.

I began my career life as a formal educator, teaching in the classroom as well as non profit settings where I developed  curriculum for over 10 years. This was what I thought my life would look like forever until I experienced a shift in the trajectory of life in 2012.

At age 35 I was rediscovering forgotten parts of me that had been left behind in the pursuit of an idea of "success". 

I like to say that Human Design found me; as if through perfect timing the system entered my awareness and brought with it so much clarity and understanding. I was immediately enthralled, wanting to share what I discovered with anyone who would listen.  I witnessed how practical and impactful this knowledge was and knew I would be bringing this wisdom to others.

As I would quickly come to learn, as a 1/4 Profile with the Cross of Planning this is precisely what I am designed to do! 

To research, learn, embody, teach and share. 

The truth is this had always been what I was doing naturally, but here before me I had a blueprint that explained so much including the answers to why and how. 

As much as I feel that the wisdom of this incredible system needs to be shared as far and wide as possible I am equally passionate about the quality and level of accurate guidance that is being shared. 

I have carefully created this reader training program with the intention of educating those of you who feel called to this work. Together we will deepen and share this wisdom even farther.

As a Holistic Human Design Coach I have had the pleasure to meet with and provide guidance to hundreds of clients. The information and strategies that you will learn are a collection of the most impactful foundational components from my experience both personally and within my coaching business.

I am honored to be  bringing these two worlds together to offer this opportunity for you to find the same joy and flow that I have. 

One more important tid bit of information you may be interested in hearing is the return on investment that is possible for you with a program like this.

As you know learning Human Design has been invaluable;  in life yes, but I am talking financial as well. 

Within weeks of finishing training, yes weeks you could begin to see your investment and dedication return in many forms of abundance.

Many degrees and courses take years to see an ROI.

I have experience with a 6 year University Degree, College Diplomas, Various Certifications and Certificates and by far my decision to follow the inner pull toward a career in Human Design was the fastest ROI I have made. 

Summer 2024

Register NOW

July - August

9 week Course

You will feel knowledgeable and confident to begin adding this  wisdom to your life, current practice and begin offering readings in just 9 weeks. 


Access Bonus Savings of over $550 if you REGISTER on or before May 31st

Payment Options
By May 31st
Choose the option that is best for you.
All prices in Canadian Dollars before tax.
Early Sign Up Pricing 

Four Monthly Payments of $555
Two Equal Payments of $1,111
Pay in Full $2,222

After May 31st 
Choose the payment option that is best for you 

Four Monthly Payments of $777
Two Equal Payments of $1,400
Pay in Full $2,800

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