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Soul Centred Gathering

Connecting with Spirit

March 5th
Lake Echo, Nova Scotia


Spend the afternoon in our Spiritual Playground as we explore our connection with the energy of Spirit.

We’re all born with this ability and deep-seated intuitiveness. Because most of us are not encouraged to foster it we need to develop it, we need to exercise it like a muscle. The spirit world patiently lingers at the fringes of the everyday world waiting for connection. 

It begins with awareness, intention and  tuning in ( much like tuning into a radio frequency).

Spirit relationships are varied and unique. Relationships that I feel we should cultivate as we do all others. They require conscious awareness and nurturing.  

The more we understand and the more time and attention we give to cultivating open lines of communication with our guides the stronger the relationship will become.

We often forget that we have guidance within us and around us. In the busyness of our day to day, it is easy to sometimes forget this connection.

During our day together we will explore this connection through a variety of divination practices. We will look into our own energetic blueprints for insight as well.


Relax, Renew & Recharge

  • The Introduction and Practice of a Variety of Divinations for Spiritual Connection

  • Guided Meditation

  • Oracle Cards

  • A look into Individual HD Blueprints

  • Intention Setting

  • Personal gift

  • Freshly prepared Nourishing Food

  • Heart Centered Socializing and Connection

  • AND lots of magic!

Pre Registration is required 

Early Bird Sign up by Feb 26th

Investment - $122 +tx

Late Registration- $144

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