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Connect to Self Gathering                

registration closed


A 5 hour Soul Massage

Join me for an afternoon of soul connection, spiritual exploration. relaxation and renewal.

  • Sound Bath and Guided Meditation / Journey

  • Conscious Conversation and Teachings

  • Oracle Card messages

  • Self Reflection & Deepened Connection to Ourselves

  • Exploring our Energetic Signatures

  • Nourishing Food

  • Heart Centered Socializing and Connection

  • AND lots of unpredictable magic that will unfold in the moment!

Think of it as a Spa for the Soul.

How often do you gift yourself your own presence? 

On August 20th the Sun will be transiting in Gate 29  the Gate of Devotion.

Its core theme is committing to experience for the gift of experience itself. It's about devoting to the things that matter; at the top of this list is You. 

The most important thing to raise the frequency of the 29 is to listen to your inner wisdom. 

This gathering is designed to support you in this process and leave you feeling inspired to continue Self honoring devotion. 

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Remember to dress comfortably and in layers. 

Please bring a yoga mat, cushion, blanket and your favorite journal.

Allow yourself to be guided to bring anything else that you feel call to that will make your experience comfortable.

I will provide clean face masks for meditation if you wish to use one. I understand that you may wish to bring your own. 

Lunch is provided ( your physical body will be nourished as well)

Please let me know of any dietary restrictions you may need me to be aware of during registration.


Early registration 

Open until Aug 11-  $111

or spaces fill

After August 11th -$133


Pricing is in Canadian Dollars plus tax 

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