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Human Design & The Gene Keys assist us in understanding the beauty and power of who we really are.

When we live in alignment with our true nature we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who we ARE instead of who we are NOT. 
Human Design shows us where and how to access our body's consciousness as a decision making tool, how you give and receive energy, your inner authority, flavors of your personality and ultimately how to live as your true SELF.

Explore the many attributes that make you, YOU.


I work with clients who are ready to remember; to move beyond the limits of the mind, and drop into the wisdom and technology of the human body. Each Session starts with the calculation of your date of birth, time of birth and birth location.

This complex system is a synthesis of ancient wisdoms including the Chinese I Ching, Western Astrology, the Hindu Chakra system the Kabbalah and Quantum Physics

Imagine being given an owners manual for your life. This manual provides you with the details of your talents, skills and potential. It can help you understand how you were designed to engage with the world. It can help you discover how to improve the quality of your life, in  a simple yet immensely effective way. Make the correct moment to moment decisions and even manage the challenges that are a part of your daily life without getting overwhelmed. 

Experience The Magic Of Self Realization

Life by Design

Living From the Inside Out

Human Design & Gene Key Coaching Sessions

The number one reason that I am passionate about Human Design and the Gene Keys is because of the direct effect I have experienced in my own life. To truly understand how we are uniquely designed to dance with the energy of life is invaluable. For so many of us we grew up accepting that there is some "way " to do life that works for everyone; some one size fits all approach.  Many of us are waking up to the understanding that there is not, but are left with the question of "how do we work with this"?

Our Souls came to this life with a spectacular plan to live an incredible life. Human Design is a roadmap on how to live it. Our Gene Keys are the inner voyage to activating our higher consciousness. I want you to experience the incredible shifts toward a life of alignment and flow that are possible for you.

Human Design is and experiment which means that we need to try it out to directly understand it's life changing potential. 

Life by Design sessions are about meeting you where you are. 

Examining and weave together the many layers and depths of your chart in direct relationship to your life experience,  I will guide you through a deeper understanding and new level of acceptance. Your blueprint reveals so much incredible insight including practical strategies that you can implement into your life immediately.

We will examine your blueprint from a holistic perspective; as a complete working mechanism. Each aspect of your chart is directly correlated with the other, joining together to create on Energetic Signature that is completely unique to you.

Your 90 minute minute experience is designed to elevate your awareness and strengthen your connection within so you may move through life purposefully. 

Go beyond knowing your Design and begin LIVING it.

The last thing we need is to carry around more information without understanding how to embody and implement its wisdom.

Includes lifetime access to your video replay for future use.


                                                                                                                              $250 + tax


If Specified Readings are more your style...

Ignite - Discovering your Human Design


The Ignite Session another natural place to start if you are new to Human Design

During your 90min session we will focus on and discuss your Type, Strategy, Energy Centers, Profile, Authority, Cross of Incarnation and more. We will talk through how you can apply all of this powerful knowledge and new level of awareness into your current life. 


Following your session you will receive your digital customized digital blueprint and recording.

Sessions are intuitively guided and unique to each individual. 

Includes Completing your Energy Blueprint + your 90 minute Session + Digital Download 



                                                                                                                                                               $250 + tax  

Illuminate- Investigating your Personal Gates and Channels
A deep dive into your personal gates and channels.
The Flavors of your personality.
There are 64 potential gates within your graph corresponding to the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching. 
There is a wealth of meaning and knowledge that we uncover as we dig deeper.
 I suggest that you have a good understanding of the foundations of your blueprint before diving into this area of exploration.

90 min session + recording + digital download

                                                                                                                                                             $250+ tax


4 Transformations - Digestion, Environment, Awareness and Perspective

Are you curious about the four arrows floating around the head of your Human Design chart?

These arrows represent the Four Transformations: digestion, environment, awareness, and perspective.

Essentially, the arrows indicate the ideal way in which we  take in information from the external world.

The top left arrow relates to digestion—digestion of food, and also of any other external stimuli. This arrow particularly tells us whether or not routines are supportive for us in our daily lives

The bottom left arrow is all about how you relate to your environment.

The top right arrow is your awareness. It’s all about how we think, and the way our minds process information optimally


The bottom right arrow is about perspective. This arrow can help us view the world and ourselves in a way that makes most sense.

                                                                                                    60 minute session + recording + digital download   

                                                                                                                                                                               $222 + tax 


Human Design Bundle

Your opportunity to curate a trio of 1:1 Human Design Coaching Sessions 

Book 3  Sessions together and save.

3 Sessions that are designed to meet you where you are.

Your package will be specifically curated to support you through the process of understanding and integrating your design so you may align with who you're here to be.

Whether you are just beginning the process of understanding your blueprint  or you have deep awareness of your Design and how to apply it into your life, this package can work for you.

This is limited opportunity to receive coaching without committing to a long term package. 



Core Clarity

An in-depth journey of Human Design, the Gene Keys and Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Remember your Brilliance,
Embody your Brilliance,
Radiate your Brilliance


Full details of the program found on the 1:1 Coaching Page


Business by Design

Elevate Your Business- Expand Your Life

To feel fully aligned with your business, it must be an outward expression of you.

Not somebody else's idea of YOU; the real YOU

Entrepreneurs- If you are ready to change the game click on the Business by Design Page for more details


Fostering Your Child's Unique Design

Kids in Preschool
The blessing that comes from learning about your child's Human Design is that we, as parents, are better equipped to understand our children as well as how our energies interact together. Supporting our children for who they truly are will help them feel more confident in how they navigate the world. 

Your 90 Minute Session includes the overview of their unique energy, how your energies interact with one another a customized digital Blueprint of your child's design and a recording of the session.                                                                       
I am incredibly honored to be offering the insight of Human Design to  parents and caregivers.  My Education in Child Development, Behavioral Psychology and Sociology create a beautiful synthesis for my latest offering. I was blessed to have Educated children for 10+ years and know without a doubt how powerful this knowledge would have been as a Teacher. I fully trust the process and timing of my life and believe I am now here to help equip parents and fellow Educators with my new understanding. As a parent understanding the science of Human Design has been priceless. 
As a parent or caregiver is is important and required that you have your individual session before your child's. This will equipped you with everything you need to better understand the process on a deep energetic and cognitive level 

Family Packages 

Understanding how each member of the family interacts with the world creates a new level of compassion and acceptance. 

*Discover how each type energetically communicates with one another.

*Understand how each of your centers in your charts give, receive and amplify the energies in your home. 

*Learn to appreciate one another's strengths and gifts.

*Understand how to best support one another.

We will schedule a series of calls upon booking.
Each member of the family will receive a digital Blueprint and a recording of their session.


Family Moments

Team Building/ Partnership

Casual Meeting

Human Design is a living experiment that has brought self-awareness and transformation to many. It has action oriented, practical applications such as how you best exchange energy with the world, how your environment affects you, the way you exchange energy with other people, your specific work-flow, etc. Most importantly it affirms your authentic self by reminding you of your uniqueness.

Business productivity is an important goal for any organization.  Human Design is becoming a cutting-edge tool to align staff in roles that take advantage of their inherent skills.

*A deeper level of Understanding & Acceptance           *Improved Mental Health

*Optimizing Strengths                                                       *Clarity

* Intrinsic Motivation                                                         * Increased Productivity

*Respectful Collaboration                                                  * Support and Encouragement

Packages Available for Big, Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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