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Human Design & The Gene Keys assist us in understanding the beauty and power of who we really are.

Experience The Magic Of Self Realization

When we live in alignment with our true nature we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who we ARE instead of who we are NOT. 
Human Design shows us where and how to access our body's consciousness as a decision making tool, how you give and receive energy, your inner authority, flavors of your personality and ultimately how to live as your true SELF.

Explore the many attributes that make you, YOU.


I work with clients who are ready to remember; to move beyond the limits of the mind, and drop into the wisdom and technology of the human body.
Each Session starts with the calculation of your date of birth, time of birth and birth location.

The complex and profound system of Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdoms including the Chinese I Ching, Western Astrology, the Hindu Chakra system the Kabbalah and Quantum Physics

Imagine being given an owners manual for your life. This manual provides you with the details of your talents, skills and potential. It can help you understand how you were designed to engage with the world. It can help you discover how to improve the quality of your life, in  a simple yet immensely effective way. Make the correct moment to moment decisions and even manage the challenges that are a part of your daily life without getting overwhelmed. 

Life by Design

Rediscover and Realign With Who You're Here to BE

Human Design Sessions


Life by Design1:1 Sessions are about meeting you where you are.

Whether you are new to Human Design or have been living your experiment for years these sessions are customized to support you.

We will be examining and exploring the many layers and depths of your energetic blueprint while you learn how to apply the wisdom in direct relationship to your life.

Your Blueprint tells an energetic story about you and I know how to translate the details and provide you information and guidance for your life. 

An engaging experience,  where you will gain a understanding, clarity, strategy and level of acceptance for who you're designed to be.

Imagine being given an owners manual for your life. A  manual that provides you with the details of your individual talents, skills and potential. It can help you understand how you were designed to engage with and interact with the world.

It can help you discover how to improve the quality of your life, in a simple yet immensely effective way. Make the correct moment to moment decisions and even manage the challenges that are a part of your daily life without getting overwhelmed. 

I will not simply be providing you with generic information that you can find online.

I examine the energy from a holistic perspective; as a complete working mechanism. Each aspect of your chart is directly correlated with the other, joining together to create on Energetic Signature that is completely unique to you. 

Your 90 minute minute experience is designed to elevate your awareness and strengthen your connection within so you may move through life more confidently and purposefully. 

Following your session you will receive your digital customized digital blueprint and recording.

Sessions are intuitively guided and unique to each individual. 


                                                                                                                                            $250 + tax

It's much more than a reading. This is a session; a therapeutic experience.

In addition to the information provided in your blueprint you will be receiving  intuitive guidance, spiritual alignment coaching  and the additional wisdom that can be drawn from your Gene Keys Profile .

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Core Clarity

 Spiritual Alignment Coaching 

3 Month Experience

It's time.
You feel called to better understand yourself, to feel a grounded sense of who you are here to be so you can move through life confidently you. 

Human Design
The Gene Keys
Intuitive Guidance
Personalized 1:1 Spiritual Wellness Coaching
Akashic Records
Living in alignment with who you've come to BE is not about seeking for the answers in a place somewhere 'out there'.  Since your time of birth you have had access to all you need. Based on individual circumstance, upbringing and social conditioning most of us lose sight of much of this wisdom.
Like a  coming home, You will not only uncover and explore the truth of who you are energetically, but begin bridging these new discoveries into your current life in a tangible and practical way.
Strengthening your trust in your own inner knowing.
Gain a solid understanding of how You are designed to interact with the world with least resistance and most reward. 
Feel reassured and confident as we navigate your Blueprint and more.
Confidently understand your Whys.
Learn how to best manage your energy.
Connecting your spiritual, physical and mental self; anchoring in so you can radiate out!

Sure, it's fun to discover the knowledge within your Human Design and Gene Keys  but I am passionate about going deeper.  
The real magic begins when you begin to live your design; as you start to integrate and embody your new understanding into your current life. 
This is not a cookie cutter program, each session will be a personalized in depth journey to ensure you receive what YOU need.
As your spiritual mentor, you will have support from me  by your side as you begin to experience your incredible shifts. 

Remember your Brilliance,
Embody your Brilliance,
Radiate your Brilliance

  • What you could expect in this Coaching Container

  • Bi weekly, 90 minute Mentoring Sessions

  • Support between sessions 

  • A fully customized experience designed to best serve and support YOU and your unique needs. 

  • Intuitive insight from Myself, My Spirit Team, The Akasha and Card Readings

  • Supportive materials (which may include : contemplations, prompts, practices, readings and meditations)

  • A deeper connection to yourself and others

  • Lifetime access to video replays

  • Countless Breakthroughs and Lots of Fun!


Business by Design

Elevate Your Business- Expand Your Life

To feel fully aligned with your business, it must be an outward expression of you.

Not somebody else's idea of YOU; the real YOU

Entrepreneurs- If you are ready to change the game go to TABS and click on the Business by Design Page for more details.

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The number one reason that I am passionate about both Human Design and the Gene Keys is because of the powerfully lifechanging effect I have experienced in my own life.

We are each uniquely designed to dance with the energy of life and these two modalities reveal how.  The wisdom they have provided for me in my life is invaluable.


For so many of us we grew up accepting that there is a "way " to DO life ( who told us this anyway?) Many of us are living with a false belief that there one strategy that works for everyone; some one size fits all approach. 

Things are shifting and many of us are waking up to the understanding that there is not one way; we know the truth of this and yet are left with a question  "how do we work with this knowing/ what now?"

Our Souls came to this life with a plan to live an incredible life. Human Design is a roadmap that shows us how to live it. Our Gene Keys are the inner voyage to activating our higher consciousness. I want you to experience the incredible shifts toward a life of alignment and flow that are possible for you.

I don't want you to believe what I tell you, I want you to experience it yourself. Human Design is and experiment which means that we need to try it out to directly understand it's life changing potential

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Katie B  Life by Design Client 2024
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