Human Design assists you in understanding the beauty and power of who you really are.

When we live in alignment with our true nature we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who were ARE instead of who we are NOT. 

Human Design shows us where and how to access our bodies consciousness as a decision making tool, how you give and receive energy, your inner authority, flavors of your personality and ultimately how to live as your true SELF.

Explore the many attributes that make you, YOU.

Each Reading starts with the calculation of your date of birth, time of birth and birth location.

This complex system is a synthesis of ancient wisdoms including the Chinese I Ching, Western Astrology, the Hindu Chakra system the Kabbalah and Quantum Physics

Imagine being given an owners manual for your life. This manual provides you with the details of your talents, skills and potential. It can help you understand how you were designed to engage with the world. It can help you discover how to improve the quality of your life, in  a simple yet immensely effective way. Make the correct moment to moment decisions and even manage the challenges that are a part of your daily life without getting overwhelmed. 

Discover The Magic Of Self Discovery

Insight, Ignite & Illuminate

Insight - Discovering your Human Design
                                               Includes completing your Energy Blueprint + your 90 minute Session
During your 90min session we will discuss your type, definition, strategy, centers, profile, authority, cross of incarnation, non-self theme and how you can apply all of this powerful knowledge and awareness into your current life. 
Following your session you will receive your customized 11 page digital blueprint 
                                                                                                                                                                             Introductory price $175
Ignite - Discovering your profile and investigating your personal gates and Channels
                                                                                    All of the magic of the Insight reading plus an additional 90 min session
 We dive deep into your personal gates and channels. The Flavors of your personality. There are 64 potential gates within your graph corresponding to the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching.  There is a wealth of meaning and knowledge that we uncover as we dig deeper.
Booking 2 separate sessions allows time for you to integrate the information from the first meeting

Introductory Pricing For Sessions  May - June 2020

A discovery call is required for all clients interested in Illuminate. There are so many wonderful advantages to this program and I feel it is important to explain them more to you and ensure it is the correct fit for you. . 

The Illuminate program is currently unavailable at this time.

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Created by Dawn Sinclair 2018

Photo Credit Dawn Sinclair & Welcome Arms Photography