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"The bravest and most rewarding thing I've ever done was remembering who I AM; and BEing that."
Dawn Sinclair

Group, One-on-One Coaching and Self Realization Programs

Expand beyond understanding and believing into grounded Knowing 

The One-on-One Experience


In these intimate and expansive sessions you will reconnect and reunite with  YOU.

Discover a deep level of Self Realization in a compassionate and confidential setting.

I will support you, as you bring conscious awareness to many aspects of your life including where you are, where you've been and where you want to be. 

Gain a greater sense of clarity, understanding and expansion that will empower you to take the steps toward living in alignment with your authentic Self and true potential. A coming home to the essence of who you're here to be.

If like many, you have denied your authenticity for a long while, you may find it difficult to distinguish whats of the mind vs. the wisdom of your Being. 

You already have what is needed, in fact your soul is waiting.

  I am here to light your way. 


When your INNER world and your

OUTER world align, this is authentic power.

Once you've made the conscious choice to

approach the rest of your life from this place

you are  able to maintain a Soul Centred Life.




Remember your Brilliance, Embody your Brilliance, Radiate your Brilliance

Core Clarity

A Coming Home; Anchor In & Radiate Out

An expansive, in depth 1:1 mentoring journey that incorporates Human Design, Gene Keys, and Personalized Coaching

4 months of  Exploration, Implementation & Transformation

Living from the inside out

Living in alignment with who you've come to BE is not about seeking for the answers in a place somewhere 'out there'.  Since your time of birth you have had access to all you need.
Based on individual circumstance, upbringing and social conditioning most of us loose sight of much of this wisdom.
Like a  coming home, You will not only uncover and explore the truth of who you are energetically, but begin bridging these new discoveries into your current life in a tangible and practical way.
Strengthening your trust in your own inner knowing.
Gain a solid understanding of how You are designed to interact with the world with least resistance and most reward. 
Feel reassured and confident as we navigate your Blueprint.
Confidently understand your Whys.
Learn how to best manage your energy.
Connecting your spiritual, physical and mental self; anchoring in so you can radiate out!

Sure, it's fun to discover the knowledge within your Human Design and Gene Keys  but I am passionate about going deeper.  
The real magic begins when you begin to live your design; as you start to integrate and embody your new understanding into your current life. 
This is not a cookie cutter program, each session will be a personalized in depth journey to ensure you receive what YOU need.
As your spiritual mentor, you will have support from me  by your side as you begin to experience your incredible shifts. 


gene kwy.jpg
pink Hd.jpeg
  • What you could expect in this Coaching Container

  • Bi weekly, 90 minute Mentoring Sessions

  • Continued support between sessions ( Voxer, Messenger and Email )

  • A fully customized experience designed to best serve and support YOU and your unique needs. 

  • Intuitive insight from myself, my Spirit Team and card readings

  • Supportive materials delivered to your inbox which may include contemplations, prompts, practices, readings and meditations

  • A deeper connection to yourself and others

  • Countless Breakthroughs and Lots of Fun!

  • Lifetime access to video replays

The Gene Keys are a grand synthesis of practical wisdom designed to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential. Like a precious treasure map, they invite you on a journey of self discovery to find the true higher purpose of your life. They are a living wisdom. They are profound and far-reaching. Its purpose is to unlock the great reservoir of genius that lies inside you and bring you into a deep state of harmony with every aspect of your life.

These revelations are teachings to contemplate and apply in your daily life. As you allow them to percolate inside you, each key one by one  you will find yourself inhabiting a new and brighter life.

Human Design is a system to help us live in more alignment with how our natural energy works.  A synthesis of ancient modalities, the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu  chakra system, and quantum physics to describe our unique energy, how you interact with the world, your unique gifts and how to live with least resistance and optimal flow. 



Vibrational Tune Ups

 feel recharged and realigned

Just like you wouldn’t expect your car to work without oil, you can’t expect your own self to be working at its prime continually without a tune-up.

This type of session is for those of you who are doing the work, yet feel yourself experiencing "the dip" in energy.

It is also for you if you are in a state of joy and high vibration and simply wish to maintain that resonance. 


​Each session is as unique as you are. The Session is intuitively led;  you will experience exactly what it is you need in the moment in order to align you with the things that will ultimately contribute to your highest expansion. 

Experience personalized coaching and intuitive guidance in relation to your present energies,.  Vibrational tune ups are intended to leave you feeling grounded in a deepened sense of who you are are. We will revisit your Human Design blueprint to review your energetic signatures ensuring you are on your alignment path

Regular Session - 90 min


That subtle knowing, that constant pull telling you there is
something more- that's not coincidence; that's your soul
yearning to live.

me summer_edited.jpg

Like many,  I have you been caught in the endless cycle of trying to be something; believing fulfillment and joy would come once I had achieved something or if I were to do or acquire this or that.

I can honestly tell you, that I was unaware of how much of life's richness was passing me by until the point I began my own Self Discovery Journey.

The truth is we are never without our true Self. It's always there, we are always connected to it. Sometimes we just forget. It becomes buried under learned behaviors and labels we have falsely identified as who we are. 

I have come to know myself on a deeply intimate level and I can confidently say that part of my purpose is to support and empower others through their own unique experience. 

I am continually learning, lifting veils and discovering myself on a deeper level. There is so much beauty to the layers below the surface  of who we present to the world. We simply need to remember. 

VIP Retreat Day

A Transformational Experience

 5 hours of connection, clarity and deep healing in a 1:1 nurturing, transformative session.

Connect with your soul on an intimate level while receiving intuitive guidance and professional coaching to gain deep clarity in many areas of your life. 

Each Session is uniquely planned for you:

Your day will be intuitively designed around your needs and may include

  • Referencing the wisdom of your Human Design chart,

  • Oracle messages,

  • Intuitive coaching,

  • Guided Meditation,

  • Refreshments,

  • Supportive follow up materials

  • and the potential of so much more 

This is day like no other

If you would like to know more I would love to book a 15 minute call to discuss details. 

VIP days are limited and require a direct conversation prior to booking

The Space Between The Busy

A Spa for the Soul


Think of it as a SOUL massage 

The space between the busy gives you the opportunity to briefly step out of the

busyness of life and focus on you.
A supportive, comforting space where you can reconnect and realign.
During our time together you will experience soothing music, guided meditation, journaling, intuitive insight, as well as the coming together and sharing over a light refreshment.



While we wait for upcoming dates, enjoy a meditation from home. Click the link below

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