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A 7 day Soul Centered, Wellness Sanctuary Experience in 

the heart of Punta Cana,  intended to deepen your connection to mind, body and spirit. 


Reconnection, Relaxation and Renewal


​ A coming home; to the essence of who you're here to be.

Discover a deep level of Self Realization and understanding in a compassionate and supportive container while being fully immersed in a luxurious tropical sanctuary. A Spa for all of your senses.

Now more than ever, we are feeling the pull to return to the core of who we truly are, to live in a more authentic way and to surround ourselves with others who are doing the same. 

In this personalized luxury retreat experience, we will be exploring and understanding our own unique energy signatures and experiencing the incredible power of community.


Past Dates

April 28- May 5th, 2023

March 16th -23rd, 2024

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