Business by Design

Elevate Your Business- Expand Your Life


To feel fully aligned with your business, it must be an outward expression of you.

Not somebody else's idea of YOU; the real YOU

You are not here to do things the way everybody else does...who made so many of us believe this anyway?

I will guide you through the process of understanding this with greater clarity. Together we will uncover the key aspects of your Human Design Chart that give powerful insight into how you can best align with your Business

I assist soul centered entrepreneurs just like you, who dream of feeling in total and complete alignment with your Soul-driven business.


Learn to cut out the unnecessary stress, overwhelm and busy-ness in your life. Learn to release feeling burned out and frustrated and finally feel the JOY. FREEDOM & FULFILMENT you are here to experience;  because that is why you started your business in the first place, right?

When we are aligned with our desires at every level, action is inspired, effortless and enjoyable. The journey becomes every bit as satisfying as the destination - truly, an effortless way to a life you love!

Your Human Design Chart holds the keys to understanding your Brand.

Pssst...just in case you weren't sure,  your brand is YOU.

I'm not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m a little bit in love with Human Design and I have been since the day I stood in disbelief at this complex system that seemed to know me so well.  Personally the expansion in my business has been incredible since understanding and following my unique blueprint. I've been delighted by the instant shift from the very start. It is one thing to know how we are meant to BE; its a whole other level when we integrate it. I began to magnetize.  In all honesty hearing I was not hear to initiate and instead I was designed to respond went against everything I had ever been taught.  The key for me was to set aside everything I thought I knew and learn to trust. But. I didn't stop there the system continued to pull me in. No surprise; Line 1 Profile here. 

I discovered there was so more to be revealed. like a perfectly played game of Tetris it all began to land in perfect form and  connect. There lie the keys to understanding more about myself and all I could see and hear was how I would support others with this gold and there it was - the next evolution of my own business. 

When you apply it from a business sense, Human Design can help you figure out what you're here to do, how you're here to do it and how you show up to your clients best.

It helps you figure out what offers you’re uniquely positioned to create and, ultimately, it helps you make sure that you’re managing your energy the right way for you. 

Here’s what tends to happen, particularly when we’re just starting out… we see a coach or business mentor we like or take a course that we believe is going to help us. And what happens, in most instances, is that we don’t get the results we were hoping for. 

In fact, most of what you learn doesn't feel easy or fun and yet you keep on pushing. You implement like crazy and still don’t see the results the coach or course creator promised were just on the other side…

And you’re left wondering what you did wrong, sound familiar?!

Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with the course, the Coach or you. It may simply be that you went in without any idea of how you are designed to show up, how you process and digest material or how you specifically " do business". It's not a one size fits all formula! 



Uncover the Energy of Your

Souls Direction              Lead Energies

Pillars of your Business

Life's Work                      Ideal Environment      

Prosperity Key               Life's Evolution

Radiance                         Strategy

Motivation                      Inner Guidance System 

Core Genius                   Ideal Client Archetype



will help you gain clarity in many areas of your business that you may currently be feeling stuck or feeling like you are spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Many of us spend too much energy in the wrong places until we begin to understand why the resistance is there in the first place. Each of us has an internal GPS and unique strategy to assist us in creating our own version of success.

I work closely with your unique energetic imprint to ensure that you are using your energy effectively and effortlessly. 

We will identify your key strengths and learn how to amplify those so the life automatically begins to work for you.

We are not all initiators, we are not all meant for the workforce, some of us are fantastic with details while others are here to see potential and begin start ups.

Let's bring your Passion and Ideas to the next level.

Offers will go live soon. If you don't want to wait- DON'T  Reach out to me directly to hear more

I am an Idea Generator 

Gate 11 in Human Design 

"Oh, wow I never would have thought of that, you're so creative".


"I'd really value your insight on my newest idea".


"Where do these ideas come from"?


"It's like you are able to go inside my chaotic mind, sort through it, bring out ideas and make them something beautiful".

Above are a sample of phrases and questions I've heard throughout most of my life. It wasn't until recently that I began to value the importance of my own gift. I've always known I was a Creator, it's at the core of who I am but lately I've grown to honour another aspect of my creative force that has been difficult to articulate or place in any preexisting social structure.

You would think by now I would no longer be surprised that what I offer the world is unique and that means doing things just outside the box labelled "normal".

It took me some time to get past trying to find the right language and to get through the limiting belief that nobody would get it.


The best way for me to quickly describe it is if you were able to peek inside my head for a moment you would likely see a flow of ideas entering through channels as downloads while some get filed and others swirl about. I've never known any different however, I have in recent years learned a lot more about how to manage the flow in order to serve myself and everyone around me better. 

I could never possibly execute all of the ideas and I've learned over time I am not supposed to. What a relief! 

I've learned how to witness and wait on the opportune ideas destined for myself and how to pass on the concepts that are meant for others.

I've recently helped others start their businesses that were once seedlings waiting to be watered.

Randomly blurted out a name of  a company for a client who was feeling stuck. The name is now registered and she is on fire!  Cleared the fog that was felt around how to make the next move in a major life shift.

Executed creating "the perfect space" that a client couldn't even describe what she wanted before we sat down.

Here's the thing; I'm not sure how it works exactly and maybe I am not meant to. What I do know is that I'm here to share this gift with the world and embrace this part of me.