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My own Self Discovery journey brought me to where I am today.
It is what allows me to help others remember their authentic power. 

At age 35, it appeared that I had it together. A full time teaching career at an amazing school, I was a mother, a wife, owned a house on the lake. I was checking all the boxes, or so I thought.

 I was completely unaware that while I was compiling my virtual list I was unconsciously pushing aspects of the authentic me to the side in an attempt to fit into the mold I myself had worked so hard to create.

Then it happened, in what seemed like a nightmare, I experienced the catalyst to my shift.  I was being shaken, I was being woken up.


It felt so unfair; I sat in a board meeting where I witnessed other members and colleagues discuss my fate. After 10 years, the structure of the School was changing and teaching spaces in my department were not only limited, they were about to become a lot less than appealing. Initially my mind became flooded with worry and panic began to set in. I sat with this feeling for what seemed like an eternity, but looking back it was only a short time. 

It wasn't until I got out of my mind that I found my answers. Answers that I had no idea were there waiting for me. First, I had to stop the flood of what I thought were the "right" answers. I had to surrender. I had to seek within. I had to listen. I had to remember.

Who am I? 

I began to remove the labels, I started to tear down the walls of years worth of conditioning and limiting beliefs. There were parts of me that were crying for my attention and all I had to do was step outside of the noise and listen.  I realized I wasn't honouring my true self and was ready to start the journey taking my power back!

I stepped through the fear. I left my ten year teaching career and cleared room for my authentic Self to shine.

Who I am doesn't fit into a neat and tidy box. This realization alone has been  a hurdle to overcome.

So here I am, following my passion to create. Letting go of the expectation that I have to be any one thing. Change is okay, it is necessary and it is empowering. 

My life is filled with so much joy and unexplainable magic. And who could have imagined it would happen simply by being  ME?

Photo Credit Welcome Arms Photography
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