Self is not just a book, it's an experience.

Self carries an ageless message that is sure to stay with

you. A seed to remembering to stay true to who you

really are. 

Self was written and illustrated by Dawn Sinclair.

It was ignited by the connection, ideas and inspiration

shared by Dawn and Bahia.


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" It's a simple, yet powerful message for all ages."
                                       J.S Retired Teacher
There she is.
Do you see her?
Quiet now.
Maybe you can hear her.
You may have forgotten she was there,
she's waiting for you to find her.
Try to remember. You know her well.

Dawn Sinclair

Four  months after launching Self, the Department of Education in Nova Scotia chose to supply ever Elementary School across the Province with a copy.

" There is so much emotion in this little book, it's like a heartfelt meditation for all ages". 

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Equal Essence was formed through a passion to share life-affirming material in hopes of inspiring and instilling a strong connection to one’s self. We believe self-realization is vital to overall health and happiness. The ability to be fully present and experiencing life from a joyful perspective is a possibility for every person. By being fully ourselves and tapping into the depths of the love and creativity within us, we hope to inspire others to live their true authentic self, fearlessly!

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Created by Dawn Sinclair 2018

Photo Credit Dawn Sinclair & Welcome Arms Photography