Business by Design




A Human Design & Gene Keys Fusion

5 months to Transform your relationship with business and beyond.

Everyone has their own unique Energetic Signature, your imprint that determines how you’re designed to move through the world. 

Within your Human Design and Gene Keys, there are elements to understanding how YOU specifically are meant to create the life and business you desire from deep within.

This includes how you are designed to connect with others, contribute to the world, attract ideal clients, figure out what offers you’re uniquely positioned to create, attract abundance, make decisions, and ultimately, it helps you make sure that you’re managing your energy the correct way for you.

When we apply this wisdom to business, these two modalities can help you figure out what you're here to do and how you're here to do it.

I know from experience that many of us spend time  implementing other people’s strategies and techniques into our businesses with much hope, but still don’t feeling in flow or feel and see the results we want...this is likely because we’re not living your design. 

All of this changed for me personally when I discovered how to apply HD and GK to my Business.

I am not here to teach you about how I DO BUSINESS, I am here to help you discover how YOU DO BUSINESS.

The Mastermind Collective is for inspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who already have the foundation of their business in place & want to feel more balanced, or wish to elevate the success in their existing business.

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October 2022

The Mastermind is designed to guide and mentor you into a grounded sense of acceptance and life changing  realization. A safe and supportive space to release the mental pressure and  ideas of who you think you should be, discover your alignment and purpose to transform your life.

When we are aligned with our natural state, action is inspired, effortless and enjoyable. The journey becomes every bit as satisfying as the destination - truly, an effortless way to a life you love!


Program Structure

A series of LIVE video calls biweekly.

During our 2 hour sessions I will provide the group with the Business by Design content, be open for Q&A and provide an opportunity to collaborate with other members.

You will have lifetime access to videos 

over 20 hours of video content to refer back to at any time

Some lessons will accompany digital references sent directly to you.

A separate  online group space where you are encouraged to share and connect. I will post and do LIVE pop ins regularly in this space

Resources to help you transform, integrate and decondition. 


Uncover the Energies of Your

Key Pillars in Business


Inner Decision Making & Guidance System 

Lead Energies

   Prosperity Keys   


Your Natural Flow State

Potential Challenges/ Blocks

Life's Work 


      Ideal Work Environment   

    Unique Approach to Engaging on Social Platforms


         Ideal Manifestation Approach

               and SO MUCH MORE!     



Investment and Pricing options

5 month Business by Design Mastermind Program 
                                                                   Total $ 4444.  + tax

Monthly Payment Option -5 payments  $888.80 + tax


pssst ... Its a  business expense too