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Learn, Thrive and Grow together

If you love conscious conversation, value authentic connection and enjoy nerding out on Human Design, Gene Keys, and more this Soul Centred Community is for you. 

Together, we will come to understand these systems through direct teachings as we follow the Solar Cycle through the Transits in real time through all 64 gates to cultivate a year like no other!

Using this wisdom as support for releasing and consciously increasing our personal potential we will thrive together, knowing that we are being energetically and divinely supported.

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An exploratory group program providing you with insight resources, discussions, and support for you to align with who you're here to BE.

  • Live teachings using community member's charts

  • Learn the elements of a HD blueprint and GK Profile

  • 2 live calls per month

  • Growth, Accountability and Empowerment through connection

  • Information and content from a variety of Modalities

  • Featured member moments

  • Exclusive member community

  • Unlimited access to recordings

  • Intimate group setting

  • Oracle messages

  • intuitive insight

  • Member perks- discounts on other services

  • An opportunity to be a part of a program that is a fraction of the cost of 1:1 sessions

  • more +++

You'll be surrounded by a conscious community designed to support you for the entire year. Imagine the possibilities!

When we are aligned with our natural state, action is inspired, effortless and enjoyable.


The journey becomes every bit as satisfying as the destination - truly, an effortless way to a life you love!

2023 Sun Cycle

Introductory Price- 12 month Community by Design Group Program 

2 calls/ month, member page and all other group benefits

Monthly Payments -$144.+ tax

Pay in full $1728.+tax

In order to create this incredible experience the program will require both a minimum and maximum number of participants.

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