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Path of          Illumination

Group Program

An exploratory group program designed to provide you with knowledge, insight, resources, discussion, and support that will help you feel a sense of grounded purpose and alignment with who you're here to BE.

If you love conscious conversation, value authentic connection and enjoy the exploring the depths of Human Design, Gene Keys, intuition and more this Soul Centered Community may be for you. 

In a supportive space you will gain knowledge and understanding of your own unique energetic signature while receiving valuable insight into the systems through direct teachings and exploration.

A space to share our experiences, epiphanies and connection.

In tandem with our immersion into the Human Design and Gene Key wisdom, we will follow the years transits as the Sun moves through the 64 gates of the i ching. We will be utilizing the insights from the Solar Cycle to support our day to day life.


Knowing about Human Design and the Gene Keys is Great, but if you are not actually applying it to your life in a way that is resulting in transformation, what's the point?

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You feel the call, the pull toward working with these incredible systems. You're prepared to transform your inner beliefs, raise your level of conscious awareness and ultimately anchor into the essence of who you're here to be, so you can radiate out and impact the world. I would be honored to share this experience with you, walking the path of Illumination. 


Take a look inside

  • Live Teachings

  • Learn Components of the  HD Blueprint and GK Profile

  • 2   90 minute live calls per month

  •  Private Member Community 

  • Growth, Accountability and Empowerment Through Connection

  • Insight and practical implementation of energetics of the Sun Transits

  • Featured member moments

  • Unlimited access to recordings

  • Intimate group setting

  • Intuitive insight and Spirit Messages

  • Member Perks 

  • more +++

Let's Learn, Thrive and Grow together


Begin your Journey of Immeasurable Expansion June 2023



A First of Its Kind, 12 month Group Program
Monthly Investment - $144
Pay in Full for 12 month membership $1444. ( save $284) best value
Wait there's more...
An opportunity to join for 6 months 
Yup, that's right, there is a 6 month option.  I am fully aware that at the time of signing up 12 months can feel like a long time, we all have individual circumstance and I wouldn't want you to miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this amazing community because of that. I want to provide this option to those who feel they may need it to check in by November to see if the group is still a fit for them.  I want to provide a program and space  that you feel invested in as much as I do.   If you choose 6 months you will be welcome to renew and continue in the program for the full year.
6 month option. Paid in full $930 or $155/m 

Prices in Canadian Dollars before provincial sales tax. payment on credit card subject to square service fee

me 2022.jpg
unnamed (1)_edited.jpg

You will be surrounded by a conscious community designed to support you for

the entire year. Imagine the possibilities!

When we are aligned with our natural state, action is inspired, effortless and enjoyable.


The journey becomes every bit as satisfying as the destination - truly, an effortless way to a life you love!

In order to create this incredible experience the program will require both a minimum and maximum number of participants.

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