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One of a kind, fully customized

Human Design Mala

Amplify Your Energy, Wear Your Design


Amplify your energetic signature with a representation of your unique Human Design Blueprint through the strategic selection of stones and crystals that bring together  your unique aura to create of a beautiful professionally made mala. 

A wearable reminder of who you are, why you’re here and who you’re meant to BE.

I have partnered with Jennifer from Tula Rashi Designs to bring you a one of a kind opportunity.

Wear and Amplify Your Energy Signature 

Jennifer and I will strategically choose the beads that she will use in your piece as we explore the foundational aspects of  your Design.
Your one of a kind Mala will begin
 with your Guru stone representing your Type. 
Your custom mala will include the following  aspects of your blueprint:

Your Profile,
Your Defined and Undefined Energy Centers,
Your Inner Authority
Your Lead Energies
and any other aspects of your Chart that we intuitively feel are important to highlight

me mala.jpeg

What is a Mala?
Sometimes referred to as a Japamala (meaning garland in Sanskrit) or Buddhist prayer beads, a mala is a string of hand-knotted beads that are worn like a necklace. It originated in India over 3000 years ago and was traditionally used as a tool to count the number of mantras or prayers recited. It can also be used during meditation to count the number of breaths or intentions

Choose the experience that works for you


This option is for you if you have already had a session with me in the past and would like to elevate that experience through another energetic representation of YOU.

Jennifer an I will work closely together; collaborating on your stunning piece. 

I  will translate your blueprint and bring forth your most prominent energies and Jennifer will hand select the quality stones that compliment these aspects  and create your one of a kind mala 

The result will be simply amazing.

Each Mala comes in it's own safety bag with a write up to accompany your piece that carefully explains each beads placement and a description of the stones. 

 Orders must be made through Jennifer's site below

Handmade Custom Malas | Beaded Crystal Jewelry by Tula Rashi Designs



This package has it all!
To begin your experience you will receive a 90 minute 1:1 Human Design Session
with me.
This session includes your reading, a digital download and a recording of your session.

Your session will highlight the foundational aspects of your chart including :
Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, Energetic Centers, Profile and  Incarnation Cross.  You will not simply receive information; I will teach you how you can apply all of this powerful knowledge and awareness into your current life.

Following your Session I will collaborate with Jennifer to create your stunning piece We will discuss the energies of your chart and strategically choose the stones that  best support your life.

Payments are made through Tula Rashi Designs

Handmade Custom Malas | Beaded Crystal Jewelry by Tula Rashi Designs



Meet Jennifer

Jennifer, a 5-1 Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority, Aquarius sun, Libra moon, Aries ascendant and mala jewellery designer.
Like a true Manifesting Generator, Jennifer has many interests and has had many different career paths. She started out with a Psychology degree and then decided to pursue Information Technology but the market soon became saturated so she worked in many different office jobs before settling into a year 10 career as an insurance underwriter. It was towards the end that she realized that her true passions lay in helping people and using her creativity.

Check out her beautiful designs at

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