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Sit, Quiet Now, Listen She's There. May 24th, The Birth Of Self

When you're inspired by some great purpose,

some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts

break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations;

your consciousness expands in every direction;

and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.

Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you

discover yourself to be a greater person than

you ever dreamed yourself to be.

- Patanjali

Three years ago today the words to Self emerged.

In a matter of minutes the powerful, lyrical words were placed on the page in front of me. Looking down and reading them back to myself I knew what this was; a seed for awakening.

The words had encapsulated and taken the place of what once was a feeling, a passion, a vibration, a brainstorm of ideas. Hopes and visions that had been cultivating within mine and Bahia's bodies for months. That which we had been unable to articulate for so long now had materialized.

During a phase of binge watching Hay House Summit videos and podcasts for about a week I found myself deeply inspired by the Wayne Dyer movie titled The Shift. In the movie, there is a woman who realizes that she had given up on her passion and creative connection.

There was an instant pull within me. It reminded me just how much I had missed creating art simply for the love of it.

I spent the following morning of May 24, 2016 in the isles of a local art supply store gathering new paints and any other supplies that looked like fun. I had set myself up to spend a quiet day alone painting and reconnecting with my art.

Without a plan of what I was going to create I sat on the floor of my upstairs hallway surrounded by my new collection.

In that moment it was quiet, I was still and I breathed.

Free from thought I began to paint a tree upon the paper and as I started to see the tree take shape words instantaneously flowed through me. I had never before had an experience quite so profound.

Word for word I was recording on a scrap piece of paper beside me. The words felt as though the were coming from deep within, yet through me; a poetic flow of words that my consciousness took a back seat to.

As I finished writing I looked down filled with emotion.

I knew this was big.

I was certain I was going to see Bahia the next day and wanted to read it back to her in person. I did everything I could not to call her, I was bursting at the seems. At this point we had been calling each other several times a day so managing to keep this concealed was going to be a challange. After what seemed like a lifetime we finally met up.

As I read the words aloud to her I could see tears filling her eyes, she too was overcome with the same bag of exilerating emotion.

She cried overwhelmingly joyful tears and

said it was as if I was reading the words back to her that were deep in her heart.

Of course they were, they were our feelings captured on a page of scrap paper. A collection of words that were needing to be heard. These were not only true words for us, but these were a collection of words that would come to touch the lives of many. To be felt and shared with the world and we were the lucky ones who would do it.

From this day May 24th, three years ago our lives have taken an unexpected, welcomed direction.

We were inspired by a great purpose,

an extraordinary project,

all of our thoughts had broken their bonds.

Our minds have transcended limitation

and we have found ourselves in a new, wonderful world.

Our dormant faculties and talents came alive.

We discovered ourselves to be greater than we had

ever dreamed ourselves to be.

Just as Patanjali has written.

Through a series of synchronicities these words translated from Sanskrit to English by Patanjali found their way to me once again through Wayne Dyer; just last night.

As if divinely guided through perfect timing.

I can't exactly explain how an author of the Sanskrit teachings from the 2nd Century BC knew what he knew, but I am pretty confident he was tapped into something bigger than himself as I was the day I wrote the words to Self.

I wonder if he knew the moment he recorded his words what an impact they would have on so many others through several centuries.

This is the power when a vibration materializes into form.

This is Creation.

Today I am filled with gratitude and pride as a remember back through the last three years and how much my life has shifted. There is so much to share that I will save for another time. Today I begin another new chapter, my first blog post.


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