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Letter to my Inner Critic

Okay, listen Inner Critic I know you're trying to keep me safe and protected from what you believe to be a threat for me but I assure you; its okay -I got this.

That comfort zone you are trying to keep me in has become more uncomfortable than the unknown.

I acknowledge you, I see you. I am choosing to show you love and compassion for your role in my life this far but our relationship has to change.

I know, I know, our bond runs deep like family. We go way back, I get it. Don't worry we will forever coexist.

It's just that I now have a new perspective.

I am now hoping that I will forever be aware when you come to call me out.

you know, the times that you will poop in to double check, to be sure I want to take the risk.

You will always be there I am sure during the times just before I put myself out there.

I need you to turn down the volume on your voice. A faint whisper will suffice.

Gosh I want to thank you for the many lessons you've taught me about myself.

I forgive you for the past. Yes, even for the times that you managed to keep me small.

I also choose to forgive the future me for the times I will slip back into old patterns of listening to you.

I am sure there will be times I leave the door open and you will come in for a chat.

SO here is the thing, it's not you, it's Me

I have to move on. I have met someone else. Her name is Self love and she is a much better fit for me.

I've never been happier, she wants nothing but the best for me.

Honestly, I 've been seeing her for a while.

Mostly during the times that you were not around.

Actually I'm pretty sure you've seen us together.

I would even say you have tried to sabotage our happiness and joy a time or two.

I am sure you will be here to check in on me from time to time

but I need to be clear on some new boundaries.

Ill witness you, bring awareness to your opinion then check in with myself before believing what you've said.

And hey, Inner Critic the truth is I CAN'T SOAR WITH YOU STANDIN ON MY WINGS!


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